Friday, 27 June 2014

Pachelbel in D

Australian musicians Axis of Awesome made a stir during the 2009 Melbourne comedy festival by performing a set about Popular Music. They made the assertion that the majority of pop music is formularic and only relied on four chords- I remember the first time watching it, as a lover of music, and not necessarily a student thinking "Holy Crap!" the majority of those songs I had heard previously, and I had never made the connection about how wildly similar they were. Perhaps other people- especially plenty of people using YouTube had noticed this fact previously, but it was Axis of Awesome that made it highly entertaining for me. You can see them in the following video below.

Yesterday, however, as I was listening to Pandora, I realised that Axis of Awesome had not gone far enough back in time! Rob Paravonian, an American comedian- pointed out that the origins of the 'four chords format' existed in Classical Music, in the Form of Pachelbel's Canon in D
Wrong type of Cannon.

Listen to Rob Paravonian's rant on the subject: 

My music teacher at TAFE once said that perhaps the four chord format provides a sense of resolution to our ears and is sweet to us, hence the continuation of the format. I don't really know. But I do know one thing: 

I still love Pachelbel's Canon in D.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Writing Exercise - Angry Birds

I have written another piece with a view to extend my versatility at being creative with guidelines attached to it. The following exercise had to contain the following words:

computer, antagonise, high, earth, study, sweet, attic and tempt (in that order)

Here I sit, alone in the dusty top floor of my house, alone- and away from the distracting noise of conversation- of laughter and housemates sharing stories. I sit here, surrounded by the boxes in this dusty room, looking at my computer and continuing to agonise over my studies. Although developmental psychology was high on my priority list to learn about at University, I now wonder ‘why on earth did I choose to study such a convoluted and difficult subject?’ As I sit and sip my sweet, but overly hot cup of coffee I ponder when the last time someone entered this attic was? I put on Angry birds, 'but I won't play it' I think to myself. As I look at my book, and then at my computer, the concept of playing Angry Birds tempts me again A game which draws me in, but ultimately antagonises me by the amount of time I could easily waste on it. 'Maybe just a little game' I think to myself, thinking of the temporary joy getting a better high score than last time, or improving my skill at hurling the grumpy feathered fiends at the helpless pigs, yet at the same time acknowledging previous months I would become immersed, only to look at the clock and would be brought back to earth again- wondering why I just couldn’t get into study.


I smashed those dopey pigs to Kingdom Come! Level, by level, the Attic, and all the responsibilities around me, fade away, as learning about Piaget and Eriksson no longer tempt me- not that they did before. I am the ham smasher! The Baconator! Nothing can stop my rage upon the swine!, I am the master! I think, as I carefully adjust the trajectory of my bird, on the computer, agonising about not aiming too high or too low.


As the bird crashes to the earth leaving much of the buiding around them intact, I watch incredulously as I see three of the four pigs sitting there, mocking me with their ham-sandwich faces. I realise I am in way, way too deep, and need to stop.

‘Ugh. It’s so boring! I don’t want to study’ I say to myself.

How did I do? Be Honest!

Slam This!

I live in Launceston Tasmania, A State in Australia that has an awful lot going for it, when it comes to tourism- Much of the marketing around visiting Tasmania centers around being surrounded by verdant green hills, friendly and relaxed locals, and in this vein, Launceston has been voted as the most family friendly city to live by Suncorp Bank Incorporated.

Tasmania also has a vibrant Arts community, with local events celebrating Poetry, Stories and other forms of creative writing Talent. Three such forums for creativity are Poetry Pedlars', the Society For Women Writers Tasmania (which is also open for men). and 'Slamduggery', another performance poetry forum.

Poetry Pedlars 

Society of Women Writers Tasmania


All of that being said: 
I've had my second experience of the Creative Arts community this year at 'SlamDuggery', which was held at Dickens Ciderhouse on the 17th of July. We had a packed house and five supremely talented Poets performing original creative writing to the audience. It was a great time, and allowed me to get a glimpse of what's happening in the close knit and very supportive arts community. 

The following video is from one of the Guest Presenters Fakington Wilde, who is both a creative writer and a talented sound engineer. Enjoy, and don't forget to support Launceston's Creative Arts Community!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Coffee Break Writing Exercises!

LIFE gets in the way of your writing plans! We've had lots of things going on at the house, but that doesn't mean I haven't stopped writing! Here's another crack at a writing Exercise!

Words I had to use in the context of the story were: Cappuccino, spoil, fat, pipe, exploit, fluffy, burial and aid.

We sat in our winter coats, sipping the overly hot cappucinos watching the rain as it tapped against the coffee shop window, causing the paper newstand to spoil. Outside the busy clatter of feet on the street and voices trailing off into the distance was heard. Inside the coffee house the customers stood in lines and ordered their no fat lattes and cappuccinos. The characteristic hiss of the pipe could be heard, busily working on the next brew, as we sat and looked at each other, letting the sounds of the cafe around us fall away.

“Did you think you could exploit my love for coffee?” she said flirtatiously, putting her hands through her chestnut coloured hair, revealing the fullness of her stunning chocolate brown eyes. Her coffee partner was slightly taken by this, but he regained his cool.
“A fluffy little bird told me you liked coffee” he said, looking at her more directly now, full of daydreams at the contours of her face. Carolyn loved the attention, and she leant forward and looked more closely at her partner.

“Well let me give that secret a proper burial...” she said cryptically
“... I don’t like coffee as much my friends they say. I came here because I knew you knew I liked coffee. I would have gone water skiing if I knew you were there!”
“I... um... well I kind of... um...” Brett said, looking for the aid of some word or phrase. “...Do you not want your cappuccino then?, I mean... we... we could go somewhere else if you’d like?” Brett recovered.
Carolyn was endeared more and more by his increasingly flustered manner, and she reached out her slender hand to rest on his slightly trembling ones.
“It’s okay” she said reassuringly “A cappuccino won’t spoil this date”. She said, looking into his timid eyes
Brett smiled despite his temerity. “Even a full fat one?” he said jokingly
“Don’t push it!” she continued in playful exchange.
Over the cafe speakers the calming sound of panpipes could be heard, occasionally lifting over the hubbub of the customers and the noise on the street beyond.
Brett looked at Carolyn and a thought occured to him.
“Do you have a love for muffins I could exploit then?” He said.
“Of course!”said Carolyn. She leaned in, and in a mock whisper said “Blueberry muffins are my kryptonite”.
Brett got up immediately and walked up to the waiting line of customers, occasionally looking back at Carolyn with a sheepish smile, which she returned, and he looked at the muffins lined up in a staggered array under the glass counter- each beautifully fluffy with their brown peaks poking up like round mountains of deliciousness. In the lines ahead he heard the news of someone’s burial and how ‘such-and-such had to come to the aid of a grieving widow’. These things sometimes would disturb such a sensitive heart like Brett, but nothing could harm his day today - He was on top of the world, sitting next to a gorgeous woman, drinking cappucino.

No, nothing could spoil this moment.

How did I do? Be honest!